Salih Mirzabeyoglu is thinker, poet and author of over 58 books.
His works are on themes of Islamic wisdom, Western philosophy, Lnguistics, politics, economics, law, fine arts, literature, history, quantum physics, mathematics, and so on. He defines himself as a “water bird” which flies between Western Thought and Islamic Wisdom. When he speaks of his relationship with Necip Fazıl, he says that it is like that of Plato and Socrates.

Salih Mirzabeyoglu was born in Erzincan in 1950, but is originally from Bitlis.

Salih Mirzabeyoglu first met Necip Fazıl in Eskisehir when he was 15 years old. He studied Law in the University of Istanbul, and in 1975 began to publish his works. In some of the periodicals he published between 1979 and 1980 he wrote his political-ideological perspectives. After the death of Necip Fazıl, he founded IBDA in 1984 and until now, has written about 58 books.

IBDA is a school of thought and action which is also based on “Tasawwuf”. It is based on the wisdom of a Sufi school (tariqat) of Naqshbandiyyah.

Salih Mirzabeyoglu was also the opinion leader of the very well-known “Raiders (Akincilar) Movement” which got involved in a nationwide resistance which had an Islamic character and was against the regime in Turkey from 1975 until the military coup of 1980. Mirzabeyoglu became extremely popular after he started publishing the monthly revolutionary periodical “Golge (Shadow)” in 1975 and the concept “Raider (Akinci)” was mentioned as the common name for members of the Islamic resistance for the first time by Mirzabeyoglu in this publication. Mirzabeyoglu’s works, and the fact that a number of his comrades were martyred during their struggle, inspired an unprecedented “revolutionary Islam” all over Turkey, with almost all members of the Islamic resistance appearing after that time calling themselves “Raiders (Akincilar).”

As of 1986, many legal and illegal fronts emerged around the IBDA ideology. Nowadays, according to the police records, there are more than 100 fronts of IBDA which have organized many actions independently from one another and from Mirzabeyoglu. The organization model of IBDA-Fronts has no relation with the other nationalist or socialist organization models. According to the police reports, there are a number of armed groups and about 3,000 militants in Turkey, both in Turkish and in the Kurdish territories. The revolutionary concept of IBDA-Fronts depends on Popular Revolts strategy.

Looking at the world from a political window does not imply being indifferent to wisdom. Going quiet on or turning a blind eye to intellectual issues might well be based on incapacity of reasoning profoundly and particularly, systematically. The system is apparently the key word for the proposal that only IBDA provides in the Islamic world. IBDA does not deal with only action but it also provides its alternative system to replace the which is to be eliminated. What IBDA implicitly proposes to the world is an unprecedented solution, as we mentioned before. Its comprehensive proposal contains all the main ideas and procedures of administrative, judical, economic, cultural, educational and other subsystems in accordance with the supersystem which is available. Contrary to other types of wishful thinking, this magnificient system proposal is on hand in Mirzabeyoglu’s complete works. That is why he was assaulted brutally and was wanted dead several times by using sophisticated means: “electromagnetic weapons, radiation emitters, directed-sound headphones and hallucinogenic agents put in meals,” actions which are still being carried out. That is why, where Salih Mirzabeyoglu is concerned, Western imperialism and Turkish militarism always had assasination plots on process and in store. He was arrested in 1998 and has been in prison since then, having been accused of destroying and replacing the secular regime with an Islamic one.

Salih Mirzabeyoglu is currently in a high security prison of Bolu.

His works are on themes of Islamic wisdom, Western philosophy, Lnguistics, politics, economics, law, fine arts, literature, history, quantum physics, mathematics, and so on. He defines himself as a “water bird” which flies between Western Thought and Islamic Wisdom. When he speaks of his relationship with Necip Fazıl, he says that it is like that of Plato and Socrates.

His main target is to found the State of “Grandsublime”. The main goal of IBDA is to establish an Islamic state in the world starting with Turkey’s territories, and then by targeting the unity of all other Islamic states, hopefully joining them in a federation-like system; more independent in borders, more dependent out of borders in Union. What it proposes is a distinguished type of regime which is exclusive to IBDA: Aristocracy of Literati, in other words, Aristocracy of Intellectuals, who are the most prominent figures of their time. Only the best of society deserve to rule a country, IBDA says. Not like an autocracy, in which all the power is in one person’s hands; not like democracy, where a scholar’s vote is equivalent to that of an ordinary man. He depicts his proposal in his masterpiece, “Basyucelik Devleti – The State of Grandsublime”.

IBDA’s diagnosis for the Islamic world is deviating from the pure principles of its own, which encourage intellectual curiosity, nourishment and growth to sustain, without any interruption. When it was achieved, all triumphs came in history and when it failed, Muslims were defeated in every aspect of life. The modern Western world owes its prevalent developments to following those principles and making use of Islamic thought and the Islamic community’s scientific legacy during the Renaissaince, right after the zenith of Islamic civilization. The task that we should accomplish is to take back our original assets, those which were stolen from us, by showing their Islamic roots and origins. Moreover, we should nourish them much more so that they are corresponding to contemporary necessities.

Latest news: Mr. Mirzabeyoglu was released on 07.22.2014 at 20.05 clock!


1. NECESSITY OF THE WHOLE THOUGHT – Power • Politics • Movement -

2. WARRIORS OF LIGHT – The Epic of Moro -

3. IDEOLOGY AND REVOLUTION – Through the Fight -

4. TRYING TO LIVE – Novel-

5. MUNSHA’AT “Preface • For Eid”


7. OUR MATTER OF CULTURE – Main Issues -

8. DROP BY DROP “Notes from the Snaky Well”

9. EDDY – Poetry -

10. ALONE WITH NECIP FAZIL – Impression and Inspiration -

11. MOST JOYFUL TIDINGS “Story of Mim Mim”

12. UNDERSTANDING TOWARDS ISLAM – Field of Theoretical Language -

13. MYSTERY OF THE FALLING STAR “Master Piece • Masterpiece”

14. FUTURE BELONGS TO ISLAM – The Only Order Ever Experienced -

15. SHADOWS “Days We Lived”

16. DIALECTIC OF IBDA – The Way of Salvation -

17. LANGUAGE AND UNDERSTANDING – Language and Understanding -

18. THE ROOTS “From Necip Fazil to Abdulhakim Arvasi”

19. THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE – Filter and Form -

20. MY STRUGGLE I – Necip Fazil -

21. MY STRUGGLE II – Necip Fazil -

22. ECONOMICS AND ETHICS – Introduction to Economics -

23. HIKAMIYAT – Thinking and Wisdom -

24. HIKAMIYAT OF POETRY AND ART “Aesthetics and Ethics”

25. LITERATURE OF LAW Spirit of Order and Administration

26. TORTURE – Law and Hog -

27. FOX DIARY I Horizon and Detective

28. FOX DIARY II Horizon and Detective

29. FOX DIARY III Horizon and Detective

30. FOX DIARY IV Horizon and Detective

31. FOX DIARY V Horizon and Detective

32. FOX DIARY VI Horizon and Detective

33. THE TRUTH OF INDIVIDUAL – The Nur Descended Upon Desert -

34. ROLE AND MEANING OF THE SAHABAS – Circle of the Prophet -

35. STATE OF HEADSUPREMACY – New World Order -

36. RAINMAKER “In Pursuit of the Truth”

37. THREE LIGHTS “Conversation • Conference”

38. STEPS “From 1984 to 1996”

39. PARAKUTA’ “Novel of the Money”

40. COAT OF SOLITUDE “Treatise of Threelights”

41. GREAT SUFFERERS I “A View at History of Thought”

42. SHIP “World of the Imaginary Figures”

43. TELEGRAM “Mind Control”

44. GREAT SUFFERERS II “A View at History of Thought”

45. ALIF “Painting Is Derived From Redd”

46. GREAT SUFFERERS III “A View at History of Thought”

47. FORQAN “The Lexicon of the Righteous”

48. BARZAKH “To the Root at Which All the Branches Unite”

49. GREAT SUFFERERS IV “A View at History of Thought”

50. NUMERALS “Life – Number – Mathematics”

51. WHAT IS MATTER? “Critique of Matter”

52. FAITH AND CONTEMPLATION “Faith and Two Universes”


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