IBDA (The Unique Becoming – Genesis)

As for IBDA, it is the continuation of Buyuk Dogu. The Architect of Ibda, Salih Mirzabeyoglu, is an honest follower of Necip Fazil Kisakurek and the “Commander” (Kumandan) of the IBDA movement. Both Buyuk Dogu and Ibda are the systems of thought to understand Islam in the best way, and they are very closely linked and complementary to each other. While Salih Mirzabeyoglu has been forming a new structure on the context of “thinking” and “action”, his works has been based on Buyuk Dogu as the reference point, and he has evolved the thesis of Buyuk Dogu theoretically and practically. This ideological cohesion between Fazil Kisakurek and Salih Mirzabeyoglu resembles the intellectual connection between Socrates and Plato. The works of Plato are the products of his cooperation with Socrates.

One of the main topics in the Buyuk Dogu-Ibda system is the concept of “the understanding towards Islam” (Islama muhatap anlayis). “Islama Muhatap anlayis” refers to a universal understanding fitting to completeness of Islam, and is remarkable of its ideological coherence, methodical over looking, and aesthetical profundity.

Reinforcing Islam in the aesthetical, methodical, ideological, and political spheres is the primary aim of Buyuk Dogu -Ibda. IBDA requires Muslims to pay proper attention to their missions and responsibilities in order to come to power.

“The synthesis of Islamist thought” is rising in a worldwide process, in which the West and the East are settling outstanding accounts with each other. This method has the ability to transform the “anti-thesis’” into satisfactory results of the thesis of IBDA.


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