Mirzabeyoğlu and IBDA

The thought system of IBDA, which is based on Nakshbendi stemmed from Sufism, is a movement of idea and action. However, Mirzabeyoğlu refers in his system mainly to BD (Büyük Doğu-Great East). Describing IBDA as functioning body of the BD, he tells that IBDA is the continuation of BD and that IBDA puts thoughts in BD into practice. In this regard, there is a close relationship between BD and IBDA, and they are complementary of each other.The thought of BD formed by Kısakürek, an important name also in Turkish literature, suggests a new Islamic ideology firstly to the Moslem World, then to the entire world. According to Mirzabeyoğlu, Kısakürek is not only a poet, but also an intellectual and a man of action who has provided a significant social system to the world. With a more accurate expression, each action of Kısakürek, even his literary works including his lectures and poems, serves the idea of BD. Mirzabeyoğlu joined to BD in 1965 when he was introduced with Necip Fazıl the Master and maintained his connection with him. This ideological reciprocity and personal relationship between them resembles, to Mirzabeyoğlu, the relationship between Socrates and Plato. Mirzabeyoğlu met many times with the Master till his death, and meanwhile he wrote some articles in the periodical Rapor.The relation between Mirzabeyoğlu and the Master, who said for the book called Head to head with Necip Fazıl “the most wonderful book written about me,” was different than the relationships of other young writers with him. While Kısakürek, a distinguished name in Turkish intellectual life, is mostly seen as a very important poet and man of letters, Mirzabeyoğlu emphasizes his aspect of man of action and idea.

From novels to pieces, from poems to philosophical books, Kısakürek expresses the net of the idea of BD. BD offers to Muslim world an Islamic system of which center is Turkey.

Kısakürek deals with the thought net of BD in his all works. BD offers an Islamic system to be established firstly in Turkey, then in the entire Muslim world. Kısakürek describes this system in detail in his work Knit of Ideology of BD (1968). The lack of system, ideology and thought in the Moslem world has been resolved by BD and its continuation IBDA, and only Kısakürek and Mirzabeyoğlu asserted a coherent and holistic Islamic ideology among Muslim intellectuals.

“System” is a key word for IBDA, the unique movement in Islamic world which has put forward a proposal for social and economical life. IBDA not only starts action against oppression in Muslim countries, but also gives the alternative of that oppressive system it wants to change. This solution includes all fields from law to economics, from culture to education, shortly all fields of lower systems connected to the upper system. Contrary to other visionary thoughts, the system offered by Mirzabeyoğlu is available in his all books.


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