Orhan Pamuk about Thinker Mr. Mirzabeyoglu (

Ein Auszug aus einem Interview mit der New York Times: (By JOSHUA HAMMERJAN. 31.01.2014)

An excerpt from an interview with New York Times:

In a marble courtyard beside the massive pink sandstone mosque, considered one of the most graceful
in the Islamic world, a wall poster caught Mr. Pamuk’s eye. It demanded freedom for Salih Mirzabeyoglu,
a radical Islamist and author of incendiary political tracts, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison
on a terrorism conviction.

Mr. Pamuk — fascinated and disturbed by the rise of political Islam in Turkey and the Middle East —
based one of his most memorable characters, the terrorist leader Blue in his novel “Snow,”
partly upon Mr. Mirzabeyoglu. Blue is an ambiguous figure: a charismatic intellectual
who espouses a violent message, while avoiding direct entanglements in acts of terror.

The cases of Mirzabeyoglu and Blue were similar, Mr. Pamuk said.

Some Islamists kill, but he didn’t, but he’s been locked up for a very long time.”

Note: Mr. Mirzabeyoglu was released on 07.22.2014 !

Click the link for the complete interview:


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