The only and unique representative of Islam..

The state of Başyücelik is an administrational system offered to the world by Mirzabeyoğlu.
He puts forward the ideological-intellectual aspects of Islam, which are almost absent today,
as well as brings a new solution offer for the deep crisis of liberal democracy the West experiences.
IBDA is a movement which removes deficiencies of both concepts through
its ideological and intellectual structure.
As a matter of fact, the crisis of the world is originated from disconnections
of such concepts like them (ethics, economics, philosophy, etc.).
Mirzabeyoğlu brings a new understanding which will make closer
not only the West with the East, but also the concepts themselves with each other.


The last wall against Western barbarity and savagery was Ottoman Empire. From first appearance until the Venice rout of Sunni Ottomans, the West remained in defense and hardly sustained living under the threat of Ottoman Empire, that is to say, the World of Islam.
Betrayal to spirit of Islam that began during the period of 10th Ottoman Sultan Kanuni Suleiman brought many kinds of disgracefulness. Centuries later, consequently, Western forces with assistance of their collaborators within Islamic World (ummah) managed to liquidate Ottoman Empire.
After collapse of the only barrier “the great wall of Ottoman” in front of infidelity, the West attacked primarily to the world of Islam and to 3rd world countries and after the alliance of all members of Europe and America, there remained no country which was not plundered, no richness which was not pillaged and no nation which was murdered by Second World War.
By Western assaults carrying on since the demolition of Ottoman Empire until today, there did not remained neither any water to drink, nor any clean breath to breathe, nor any food to eat, nor any richness in terms of natural resources. Economic crisis occurred in the West especially in America and poverty associated with them are signs of that there is not too much left-over to be stolen in the world where the Western Barbarity rules.
Assaults of America began with Afghanistan and continuing in Iraq should be analyzed in this respect. U.S., which has weakened, has proceeded towards Muslims to gain strength by supposing them an easy certainty in the bag. However, things did not go well as supposed and finally they retrograded to an impotency that they even could not help their own citizens ruined by hurricanes.
Besides, the worldwide revolt led by Muslims demonstrates that overwhelmed nations do not consent to be exploited easily by the West anymore and do not hand over their richness to Western Barbarity.
After the West destroyed “the great wall of Ottoman”, Islam disappeared in terms of state and accordingly Sunni world of Islam, lacking a leader, was broken into pieces; but it has kept up being lived in individual level. Therefore, the reason of ongoing chaos in the world is that no establishment was replaced in place of liquidated Ottoman Empire.
With the map drawn on sand by English people, unnatural “bitty countries” extracted from undivided land of Islam after Ottomans. Certainly we should not forget that some part of Muslim countries were offended by “Ittihat ve Terakki”, a political party advocating westernization during the last period of Ottoman Empire and whose almost all members were Mason.
The West, not satisfied with the annihilation of Ottoman Empire, assigned its own collaborators to administrative positions of these bitty countries, first formed on sand, in order to secure its own lifestyle and suppress potential will to be a state in Ahl al-Sunnah understanding, which is the true way of Islam. These collaborators were expected to perform such a big massacre of Sunni Muslims so that Muslims forget that they used to dominate power in the past and their will to be a state vanish. In Muslim lands, these collaborators performed everything expected from them perfectly.
These collaborators are not real heroes of “war of independence” but contrived people who are assigned and dictated by the West as happened in Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. While the West was drawing back from the countries invaded, treaties were signed by the West and its collaborators which are still valid today and these treaties have not been torn by these “bitty countries” –heaven knows why- although they all are disadvantageous for Muslims.
Western forces looked for hostility towards Ahl al-Sunnah in people who they delivered governments while they were leaving Muslim lands. That’s why they cooperated with Sabataists who are Jews in truth but pretending as if Muslim, Jews, Alavis, Nusayris, Shiites and Wahhabis; and they also picked and supported people close to these heretical sects from inside of Sunnis who were in truth irrelevant to Ahl al-Sunnah. The West used people from these deviated sects, hostile to Sunni Islam, to defeat Sunni Islam. According to Ahl al-Sunnah, Islam can be lived within Islamic state and this is the essence of Sunni Islam.
While Western forces were liquidating governments in this way, they have supported to the maximum extent all sects, cliques, ways, people and foundation which would spoil the understanding of “True Way – Ahl al-Sunnah val-Jamaah”. It is well known that English people are very skilful in this.
The aim was clear: Making Muslims confused and spoiling their creed so that the faith of Sunni Islam, which was lost already in state, is driven out from hearts of individuals as well. It is obvious that people whose creed is corrupted cannot fulfill true actions.
The West has put forward certain kinds of sects and understandings with concepts of “fundamental or radical Islam” in order to blunt the desire of action and conquest within Sunni understanding and to tell the lie that there is nothing like these within Ahl al-Sunnah. Likewise, today it’s said that some rebellious movements are of Wahhabis.
It has been propagandized by distorting certain truths for years that there is no demand of state in Sunni Islam and rebellion against state is infidelity. Also it has been pumped that there is a demand of state in some kinds of heretical sects such as Shiah, not in Ahl al-Sunnah. Besides, Sunni Islam has been demonstrated as if it is collaborator and executive of existing regimes and capitalism. The biggest part of responsibility for this scene belongs to leaders of jamaahs (Islamic societies), orders and parties in Islamic countries.
The “understanding” of Islam which has been corrupted for 500 years were turned into a freak by emasculating Muslim’s brains after the liquidation of Ottoman Empire. Consequently, although the absolute criterion “Who does not obey Allah is never obeyed!” was right there, its meaning was purposely distorted by false interpretations and it was put forward in front of Muslims as if all existing governments obeyed Allah. With the false belief that rebellion against state is a big sin in Ahl al-Sunnah in addition to this, some Sunni Muslims embraced existing governments firmly with the understanding of “my state”.
While all heretical branches were supported and presented as if they were Islam itself, Sunni Islam was subdued and some Sunni people opposing oppressions were channelled to heretical divisions. Furthermore, when the heretical structures that they supported came to power like Iran, they turned to propagandize that “Islam is such a freaky religion” so that Western people detest Islam.
Shiah and other heretical structures have never fought against Judeo-Christian West since Ottomans. In any case, if they had fought against the West, they could not have remained Shiah due to “cleaner” quality of jihad. But their eternal enemy is Ahl al-Sunnah. Not having hesitated to cooperate with USA, the Shiites were not embarrassed to say “You are Iraqi like us” to them and label Sunni Arabs defending their lands as “terrorist”. On the contrary, they think lives, goods and virginity of Sunni Muslims are permissible to them since they see Sunnis as “infidel” and “real enemy”.
Hasn’t USA introduced Shiah in Iran as “fundamentalist” or “radical Islam” for years? How could USA invade Iraq with collaboration of the Shiites?
Iran-gate was burst out when enmity against USA was maximal in Iran in 1983-1984. It was revealed that a group of American people led by lieutenant colonel Oliver North sold weapons to Iran illegally on behalf of USA government. Enmity towards USA and Israel is just a matter of internal policy. In truth, Iran has never been in hostility against USA and Israel in their foreign policy. Actually, Iran is the country that Israel sold weapons the most indirectly.
The West has tried mostly to spoil Sunni creed by means of Iran. They propagandized that “Sunni Islam is not revolutionary and Sunni Islam does not rise against state, but Shiah Islam” so as to make Sunni Muslims convert to Shiah after revolution in Iran which was actually done by Tudeh, not the Shiites. Including Turkey, lots of Muslims converted to Shiah believing this lie. Certainly we don’t mean real members of Ahl al-Sunnah, but people whose faithfulness became loose.
In truth, Sunni Islam representing “Firqa al-Najiyah/The Way of Salvation” has never submitted infidelity. Besides, Sunni Muslims have been fighting in all Muslim territories since 19th century. It has been apparent by 11 September and battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. Preparing the grave of USA, the ongoing “Sunni Revolt” is the herald of Islam liquidated one century ago and walking to power now.
Regarding Islam drawn back to individual level: Naqkshibendi order of tasawwuf, a mystical way of Islam coming from the first caliphate Abu Bakr, entered Central Land, Anatolia, in 17th century when Islam began to degenerate in hands of “”immature bigot rough puritan”. In the last period of Ottoman Empire, Naqkshibendi order settled in Istanbul in personality of Excellency Abdulhakim Arvasi, “The Great Pole of Guidance”.
Regarding abolition of dervish lodges and schoolhouses by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who liquidated caliphate and established secular Republic of Turkey by killing Muslims, Excellency Abdulhakim Arvasi said that those lodges and schoolhouses actually were abolished by themselves before Mustafa Kemal. So, today most practices done on behalf of tasawwuf are not appropriate with respect to tasawwuf itself, which is the interior part of the religion, and they are far from the necessary “understanding”. In deficiency of shariah, exterior part of the Islam including main rules, tasawwuf is present only for the establishment of shariah, that is to say, JIHAD.
We conclude from the position of “The Great Pole of Guidance” Excellency Abdulhakim Arvasi that “Interior and Exterior” of Islam with its utmost authenticity gathered in him who was inheritor of the Prophet. To make clear, after demolition of “the great wall of Ottomans”, the truth of all aspects of Islam such as shariah and tasawwuf are at Excellency Abdulhakim Arvasi. Therefore, all practices to be done on behalf of Islam should be performed with reference to him and all kinds of manners and actions opposite to this “position”, which is representing the truth of Islam, are out of “the true way”.
Ustad (Master) Necip Fazil was driven into society by Excellency Abdulhakim Arvasi in order to renew the understanding and struggle for it.
Through 40 years of struggle, Necip Fazil built Great East, the ideology with reference to Islam, and then found “the young man” who was expected to realize this ideology. So, this struggle was transferred to Salih Mirzabeyoglu by Necip Fazil who delivered the program and recipe to him.

Yes, today Salih Mirzabeyoglu the Architect of IBDA is the only and unique representative of Islam in this “era of purification”. Everything concerning Ahl al-Sunnah and tasawwuf with all aspects and with the utmost truth are definitely in IBDA.
The understanding of “true way” starting from Rasul-Allah (the Prophet) has come to IBDA without interruption and today IBDA is its very self of “Firqa al-Najiyah/The Way of Salvation”. Making Islam spread over the world again is possible by resolving the teachings of IBDA, school of though and movement with reference to Islam.
Sunni world, left without a state after Ottomans, has realized that all happened due to the lack of a state and revolted with this consciousness. The aim of this process is a united Islamic state of which similar has not been seen until now. Its name is HEADSUPREMACY!

(Source: AYLIK Magazine, 2005, November Issue)

By Osman Halid
(Translation: ibda documentation)




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