Who is Necip Fazil ?

Necip Fazil Kisakurek has 130 published books on the Islamic thought,
Islamic arts and various issues.

He is the pioneer of Islamic thinking in Turkey and the architect of the notion of
“Ideal Islamic Society”. The basic principles of this society are described in his works.

Some of his works are
Ideolocya Orgusu (the Network of Ideology),
Ihtilal (Revolution),
Dunya Bir Inkilap Bekliyor (The World Looking Forward A Revolution)
Cole Inen Nur (Heavenly light descending to the Desert.
-This book is about the life of our prophet and His followers-)
Ulu hakan Sultan Abdulhamid II (Great Khan Sultan Abdulhamid II)
Iman ve Islam Atlasi (The Atlas of Faith and Islam)
Bati Tefekkuru ve Islam Tasavvufu (The Thought of the West and the Tasawwouf of Islam)

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